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Stacey-Jane Douglas

Photo of Stacey-Jane Douglas - UK Singer-Songwriter in Asia

UK Singer-Songwriter in Asia

I am a Singer-Songwriter from the UK but currently based in Singapore (prior to that I lived in East China.) My songs are inspired by life and people. I admire musicians such as Nina Simone, Joan Armatrading and the classical composer Leo Brouwer. I have been lucky enough to gig alongside Tony Remy, Jacqueline Dankworth (UK), Sonja Kristina (Curved Air Singer UK), Valerie Etienne, The Buttermountain Boys, Keith Waite. I won a visionary award for my work in the UK from Oil of Olay/Women in Music. I have had publications in The Stage, The Gleaner, Traditional Music Maker, The Guitarist Mag, Breakthru Mag and received Radio play on Hangzhou Local TV station, Galaxy Radio, GTR Radio and other international stations. My UK albums were predominately engineered by Graeme Holdaway from 1999 onwards.

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