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Accusound acoustic instrument microphone

Accusound acoustic instrument microphone.
Price: £125.00 ono.

Martin OMC 16REAura Guitar

Martin OMC 16REAura electro acoustic guitar, Rosewood back and sides as new with case.
Price: £1,495.00 ono.

Tanglewood TW15NS electro acoustic guitar

Tanglewood TW15NS electro acoustic guitar, solid top, with Braggs pick-up.
Price: £395.00 ono.

Indie ID30 Cutaway Guitar

Indie ID30 electro-coustic cutaway guitar.
Price: £275.00 ono.

Scarlatti Continental Accordion

Scarlatti Accordion Continental Chromatic 3 row, 60 bass B system.
Price: £175.00 ono.

Vintage VEC1500 Guitar

Vintage VEC1500 Electro acoustic cut away guitar.
Price: £275.00 ono.

Fender Deluxe Guitar amp

Fender Guitar amp Deluxe 112, foot switch.
Price: £150.00 ono.

Fender 6 channel PA amp

Fender PA amp. 6 channel.
Price: £100.00 ono.

Excelsior Continental Accordion

Excelsior Accordion Continental Chromatic, 96 bass B system.
Price: £950.00 ono.

Yamaha 211S11 Flute

Flute Yamaha 211S11, Good condition, no case.
Price: £125.00 ono.

Scarlatti Piano Accordion 48 bass

Piano Accordion 48 bass, Scarlatti with case as new.
Price: £165.00 ono.

Parrot Piano Accordion 16 bass

Parrot with case.
Price: £50.00 ono.

Behringer Vamp 2

Behringer Vamp 2.
Price: £50.00 ono.


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