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Promote and Sell your Music through Internet Radio and Download Track Sales

Over 750,000 hits every month

With thousands of fans and industry professionals visiting the site, whether you are a budding songwriter or gigging pro it's the place to be seen and heard.

Your music will be featured in the Showcase and webcast on Internet Radio.

Your website will be linked to provide maximum traffic and sales.

If you do not have a website we will set up a webpage for you, which can be upgraded into your own personal domain.

Sell your merchandise and tracks on your web page and in the Download sales section.

Subscribe for 12 months:

Then email your profile together with your MP3's to .
Altenatively, you can join online and then send a CD with your profile information, to the address below.

  • Sell 10 different tracks on your Webpage and in the Download sales section. Additional tracks may be added for £1.00 each.
  • You will receive 50p for all tracks sold through Paypal.
  • As a subscriber you will have a web link to your own website or personal WebPage, with your profile and details about your music. You can also upgrade this to your own domain.

Pay by credit card online for £35.
Or subscribe by Paypal for only £30 per year.

(You can pay by Paypal repeating subscription via the button above for only £30 p/a, or pay for one year by Credit Card for £35 without having a Paypal Account by using the "Add to Cart" button below and checking out your order normally)

Price: £35.00
Music Maker, 25 Cheriton, Queens Crescent, Malden Rd, London NW5 4EZ
Telephone to pay by card 0207-813-0677 or ask any questions.
Once you have subscribed we will call you with reference to your subscription.

You make the music - We make the sales. 365/24

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