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The Dairy Studios Brixton

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2009 was a challenging year at The Dairy. Clients were increasingly strapped for cash and recording budgets were shrinking by the day! They were seriously considering their options when Nitin Sawhney proposed taking the Neve Room on a long term let. Having reached an agreement with him, attention turned to the other two rooms. The SSL room was beefed up with the addition of lovely outboard, including some really unique and beautiful sounding units. All studios also now feature cutting-edge audio workstations with Intel HD3 systems and a vast plug-in collection.

Many clients asked for short periods of studio time to record a good vocal over tracks that they had worked up in their own studios. The Dairy worked on making Studio Three effective for vocalling and pre-production. The same HD3 ProTools rig was set up in Studio Three as in Two to simplify any movement between studios. Great vocal mic pre amps were installed as well as a range of microphones. With a variety of keyboards and various bits of equipment available to use for no additional charge and setting the room at the right price the room has proved to be extremely popular. The booth has a following all of its own!

The next challenge to persuade people to mix on the SSL and not in the box. Once again budget constraints were a challenge. After much number crunching and another notch on the belt they worked out a weekly price for Studio 2 that was attainable for most artists.

The Dairy is indebted to their team of runners, assistants and engineers. Some home-grown talent emerging through the ranks, particularly Charlie Hugall (Florence & The Machine’s “You’ve Got The Love”) adds to the buzz for 2010.

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