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Bahareque Estrellas Para Ti

Cover image of Estrellas Para Ti by Bahareque

Bahareque has been an active participant on the UK Latin music scene for more than 25 years, starting initially as a ‘protest’ trio during the Chilean exile era. After the fall of Pinochet, the group gradually metamorphosed into its present form, with occasional changes to the line-up. The name ‘Bahareque’ originates from the ‘barro’ traditionally used for constructing houses in the Venezuelan /Colombian ‘llanos’ (plains) and is in itself an expression of the group’s commitment to conveying the heart and soul of 'Musica Folklorica Latino Americana'.

Track list:
01 Cafetal
02 Palmarital
03 Solamente Una Vez
04 La Llegada
05 Estrellas Para Ti
06 Plegaria
07 Alcaravan Compenero
08 Son De La Loma
09 Besame Mucho
10 La Gigarrona
11 Cuando Llora Una Estrella
12 Pajora Chogui
13 Cosita Linda
14 Bebajo LKa Carreta
15 Guantanameria

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