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Latin American Rhythms

We are an Acoustic Ensemble playing Traditional Latin Music from Guantanamera to Romantic Mexican Ballads, Paraguayan Polkas, Andean Huaynos, Venezuelan Joropos, Chilean Cuecas, Cumbias from Colombia and various other traditional styles in their purest form using traditional instruments.

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Bahareque Latin American Rhythms

FOR SALE from Bahareque Estrellas Para Ti

Bahareque Estrellas Para Ti Full Album Download

Download the full album of Estrellas Para Ti.

Only £9.95

Cafetal by Bahareque

Cafetal, by Bahareque.

Only £1.00

Palmarital by Bahareque

Palmarital, by Bahareque.

Only £1.00

Solamente Una Vez by Bahareque

Solamente Una Vez, by Bahareque.

Only £1.00

La Llegada by Bahareque

La Llegada, by Bahareque.

Only £1.00

Estrellas Para Ti by Bahareque

Estrellas Para Ti, by Bahareque.

Only £1.00

Plegaria by Bahareque

Plegaria, by Bahareque.

Only £1.00

Alcaravan Compenero by Bahareque

Alcaravan Compenero, by Bahareque.

Only £1.00

Son De La Loma by Bahareque

Son De La Loma, by Bahareque.

Only £1.00

Besame Mucho by Bahareque

Besame Mucho, by Bahareque.

Only £1.00

La Gigarrona by Bahareque

La Gigarrona, by Bahareque.

Only £1.00

Cuando Llora Una Estrella by Bahareque

Cuando Llora Una Estrella, by Bahareque.

Only £1.00

Pajora Chogui by Bahareque

Pajora Chogui, by Bahareque.

Only £1.00

Cosita Linda by Bahareque

Cosita Linda, by Bahareque.

Only £1.00

Bebajo La Carreta by Bahareque

Bebajo La Carreta, by Bahareque.

Only £1.00

Guantanameria by Bahareque

Guantanameria, by Bahareque.

Only £1.00

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